About Me

Baxter Family

Photo by R. Dione Foto

Hi! My name is Latina Baxter, and I could not be more thrilled to have you visit my little corner of the internet.  So why this blog you ask and what makes me different from all the other mommy and lifestyle bloggers out there?  Well, I often get asked how I do it… how do I juggle a family of six (going on seven), a corporate job, run a doula agency, and still manage to look great doing it.   Well the answer is I drink a lot of wine.  I accept my imperfections.  Lastly, I often times wake up with day old mascara on.  This blog for the busy, fabulous, take on the world moms like me.  Moms who have so much shit going on she sometimes has to accept that she is perfectly imperfect and move the f*** on.  My hope is to unite mothers like myself in a common place where we can scream, cry, laugh, curse and be fabulous together.

Get ready for real stories of night outs (or night ins) with my hubby, parent talk, complaint sessions, and beauty regimens all in one place.

| Fun Facts|

I don’t have a favorite color. – it changes depending on the year and my mood  My favorite place to eat is my house (I am married to an amazing chef).  “Perfect” people make me extremely nervous.  I have a blended family with three step-sons who all look like a different race.  My daughter is named after Bob Marley.  I regularly deal with “baby momma drama” but it makes for great chats and laughs with my husband.  I only own three regular bras.  My husband calls me the “Life-Nazi”.   Red wine blends are my favorite.  I have a secret love for the outdoors but I hate the cold and the heat.  The smell of fall is my favorite smell on earth.  I love baby hands and feet…actually anything in mini form.  I hoard office and kitchen supplies I will probably never use.  People watching is my jam.

Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your time here!